Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m curled up in the front of the fireplace with the dogs tonight…glass of wine in hand. I’m missing Jason, but the day was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Maybe because I went back to work today and I was so busy catching up after being sick for a week I didn’t have much time to be sad. I also really felt the love today at work with everyone happy to see me back.

Yesterday our kids surprised me by getting me flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries. I did have a brief moment when I opened the door for the flower delivery when my first thought was “oh! Jason got me flowers!”…before I remembered how impossible that was. I feel proud that our kids watched and learned from how we celebrated Valentine’s Day and realized how sad I would be. Hopefully that carries over to how they treat their own significant others…when they get them. Everyone loves to feel a little special!

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