Getting Better…Slowly

Finally feeling a little better today. I had a little more energy to do small things around the house…worked on the last three big finance pieces I have to get straightened out…spoke with my finance guy…getting the “stuff” all figured out. I at least felt productive in between bouts of coughing uncontrollably and needing to rest for a bit.

I’ve had really good people checking on me and taking care of me. My Terri made me homemade chicken noodle soup and a really good purely medicinal brandy “potion”. She also brought chocolate and crossword puzzles. It’s like she knows me or something. My neighbor brought over some yummy bread….carbs can make most things better I’m pretty sure. Jeremy and Cheryl brought me cough medicine and covid tests…so Levi could test…he’s fine. Thanks to everyone that texted or called as well. Very much appreciated when I’m feeling very lonely.

Seth called me on Monday. I hadn’t spoken with him in awhile and it was really good to hear his voice. He sounded happy and content…like things are finally coming together for him after an extremely rough couple of years. I’m glad that he decided to take the plunge and start school. I think it was also a good move for him to get out of the house…even thought he could’ve taken all of his classes online. The change has seemed to do him a lot of good. It makes my Mama heart happy. I did tell him he needs to find some people to play tennis with. There’s a small indoor club in Wausau and I hope he checks it out.

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