Tonight is No Good

Tomorrow Seth and I are making the drive to Wausau to get him settled with my sister and brother-in-law and all set to start college! I am happy/proud/excited for him but oh so sad and restless and melancholy for me tonight. I keep thinking about how proud Jason would be of him…and I hate that he is missing out on all of these important milestones in our kids’ lives…and that they don’t have him here. It just really sucks.

Tonight is no good
Out of sorts

I pour my wine
Red elixir
Wander the house
Looking for your ghost

Maybe I should go to bed
Wait for you
To visit me in a dream

But the bed’s too big
Sheets too cold
Without you in between

They say that time
Will heal
Take away
This all-consuming ache

But our love is too big
To be 
My life a colorless fake

Anyone else have a purple dinosaur in their bed?

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