Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve got better as the day went on. Cheryl and I went to to church this morning. The service was beautiful at River Valley and did a lot to lift my spirits…even though I was choked up many times and teary. Their music ministry is especially powerful there which I really appreciate. You may have guessed through my posts that music is important to me. Why is it that music can say so much more than just words alone??

When I got home Levi was ready to help me tackle prep for Christmas Eve fondue and Christmas brunch. He helped me get everything cut up and the Danish rolls baked. Then he and Seth hung out with me in the afternoon and we watched a few Christmas movies until Anna came home from work.

Fondue Christmas Eve is a Fregien family tradition. I don’t think I had ever even heard of fondue before I met Jason. When we decided to adopt that tradition as well our kids embraced it wholeheartedly and love it so much that they usually want to do it for New Years Eve as well. Twice in one week gets to be a little much for me, but they love it…so…we do it.

After dinner we opened gifts. My kids made me cry when they gave me this mug. It has probably 15ish pictures of Jason and I on it.

As teenagers they can be rather stoic a lot of the time, but I know when they are especially quiet or cranky that those are the times that they are really just missing their Dad. And they know how much I miss him too…and put up with me when I get teary and sad.

After opening gifts we played Phase 10 together and I had an Old-Fashioned in memory of Jason in his tennis glass…with bourbon…not brandy as all my Wisconsin friends and family have them…lol

And now…I’m tired…I miss Jason…but I also feel like the kids and I did okay tonight. We smiled…and laughed…and had some tears (mostly mine)…but we did it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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