The Quilt

A very, very talented friend of mine made a quilt for me out of Jason’s shirts. All I can do is say “thank you” and let the tears run down my face.

The Quilt

Your shirts hold the memories
Of the life that you led.
Your passions represented
With some cloth and some thread.

Your love for your wife-
Adventures together.
We traveled to Belize-
Quality time and sunny weather.

Our kids are there too
You gave them your all-
Whether it was marching band
Or coaching tennis or baseball.

When I look at this quilt
There is tennis galore-
The sport you adored
And took us on trips from shore to shore.

I also remember the friends
That we made-
Lots of USTA matches and
Tournaments like Watercade.

So many other memories
All stitched together with care.
This quilt that I love
I will take everywhere.

And I hope that someday
When I die.
My loved ones will wrap me in it
When they say goodbye.

And then you will find me-
This sadness will end.
Because I know in my heart
We’ll be together again.

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