Wine and Music

Not a great day today. I woke up to a wet pillow this morning and my mind replaying hospice over and over again in my head. I haven’t been able to “unpack” those 5 days by talking or writing about it. There are people that know some of what went on…but I was the only one that was by Jason’s side 24/7 those last days…and there is a lot locked up inside. I’m just not ready to deal with that yet.

After a rough start to the morning I went to work and was able to shake it off by staying as busy as I could. Then I came home and it all started rushing back. Coming home from work is usually one of the toughest parts of my day, and today was no exception. Texting with friends while I was making dinner helped.

Sipping wine and listening to music tonight…trying to get back to the more peaceful place I was in over the weekend.

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