Tennis in the Bubble

Today I am so thankful for my coworkers who had me laughing hysterically more than once today. I think we were all a little high off of paint fumes…but that’s beside the point. We closed our courts today until next Thursday to convert 2 tennis courts into 8 pickleball courts and then resurface the remaining 8 tennis courts. It is a big project that was announced with essentially zero warning and has been accompanied by ever-changing details and timeline….thus the added job stress the past couple weeks. It will be great when it’s done I’m sure…

Because our courts are closed, Levi had his tennis lesson at the Bloomington South location tonight. It was harder than I thought to sit and watch him. I watched Jason play oodles and oodles of matches on those courts. I miss watching him play so bad. He was always in his element out on the tennis court and I was always so proud to be his wife. It is fun to watch Levi play too…even though it was just a lesson today.

There are some snowflakes coming down with the rain tonight. I asked Seth before he left for work if he has a snowbrush in his Dad’s car. Jason was always the one that made sure a snowbrush was in mine when the flakes started to fly….

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