Monday Things…

This morning I found out that Anna got accepted into a field research internship program that she applied for. I am so stinking proud of her, but it means that she won’t be coming home for the summer, which is making me sad. I like to have all my chicks in my nest πŸ™‚

Seth came with me to take the dogs for a walk tonight. He and Levi have both been doing a good job lately of taking care of their Momma. When I told him my friends couldn’t walk tonight and I didn’t want to walk by myself in the dark he stepped up to the plate with no hesitation. We had a nice chat about his plans for next year and we got to gripe together about work stress…perks of working at the same place πŸ™‚

Levi is working on finishing up his first quarter of high school already. So crazy. He played tennis with a friend today…and I think realized that he is tired and might need to take a day or two break from tennis. He has really been playing a lot and working hard.

I know Jason is looking down at these three kids of ours right now and is just as proud of them as I am. They are the greatest blessings and keep me smiling and getting out of bed each day.

I feel like the hot mess express lately…maybe obvious from my recent blog posts. I’m getting up and doing all the things, but it’s a real struggle. It’s harder to fake that I’m doing okay when people ask…instead I get all teary-eyed. Maybe it’s just my reality feeling more real lately. I don’t know. All I know is that it sucks…and as much as I’m trying to pick myself up…it’s just not working.

I couldn’t resist ordering this shirt the other day. It came in the mail today and I think it is perfect.

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