Ready-ish for Monday

I’m feeling a bit more grounded right now than I did for most of the weekend…no swearwords in the blog today…I promise. I started out my day by going out to our Sunday morning breakfast with my friend, Vicki. I made sure we went somewhere with Bloody Marys today…I had two…don’t judge.

When I got home I knew that Jason would be telling me “it’s the last nice weekend” and I better get outside to do some Fall cleanup. Seth and Levi had already done the majority of the leaves on Friday. Seth had to go to work, but Levi helped me get the rest of the leaves done and then my neighbors came over later in the day and helped us get our gazebo down. There are still some odds and ends to take care of outside, but for the most part we are ready for snow…at least the yard is. It felt good to get that done.

I felt really good support from friends and family today which I am extremely thankful for. Thank you. I appreciate you.

Fall 2019

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