Go Band!

I am feeling all sorts of tapped out tonight. Levi had his first band concert in….awhile…since pre-covid. Can I just say how much I hate single parenting? Not because it is so much work…or I can’t handle it…or I don’t want to go to the kids’ events. It just really sucks that it is “just me”…I’m it…all they’ve got. The majority of their friends have Mom and Dad…even if their parents are divorced…not mine…not anymore…and that really sucks. I hate walking into places and seeing all the parents together enjoying their kids’ concerts, games, etc and being solo. I just hate it.

I did think about texting one of my friends tonight to see if I could sit next to her so I wouldn’t be by myself. I didn’t because I didn’t want to feel like some sort of odd third wheel with her and her husband. Ironically, she walked in without her husband…he was doing baseball with their son…and she sat down next to me. Five minutes later another friend was also in the same boat…so the three of us sat together. It did make me feel better not to be sitting alone.

One of the band directors at the high school passed away from esophageal cancer about a year ago. Anna had worked with him quite extensively during her four years of high school. He was an amazing man. The band did a really moving tribute to him…with his high school-aged daughter conducting. It was really hard for me not to ugly cry during that. The edge of my mask was soaking up some tears. It’s hard to see what the “big picture” could possibly be. What could possibly be the reason for taking these amazing people away from us…leaving their families…friends…communities…behind to grieve them? It doesn’t make sense.

2 thoughts on “Go Band!

  1. Hi Marie, I stumbled onto your blog via my search tennis & cancer. I’m on remission from stage 3 stomach cancer. I love tennis and regularly played while on treatments. I stopped for about 8 weeks to recover from surgery, but started up again as soon as I was able. I want to let you know that I’m very sorry for your loss. I feel your sadness and loneliness. I think a blog is a fantastic way to share your husband memories with family, friends, and strangers like me.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am happy to hear that you are in remission and out on the courts again! I hope your tennis community is as awesome and supportive as ours! We could not wish for better friends.


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