Fall Feels

I’m having a rough morning. I was cold when I went to bed last night and missing Jason to cuddle up with…he would have complained about my cold feet and then let me tuck my toes up against his legs. Going to bed alone sucks. I should probably put the flannel sheets on the bed today and make sure the heated mattress pad is plugged in…Jason loved that thing…he would preheat the sheets before he got into bed.

This morning I’m drinking my coffee and listening to “Acoustic Sunrise” on the radio. I love acoustic music…but today every single damn song is tugging on my heartstrings. Tears were rolling down my checks listening to Duran Duran “Ordinary World”…a song that I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to the lyrics of before.

I’m looking outside and thinking that in other years I would have convinced Jason to get lost in the woods somewhere with me on a day like today. He would say “this could be the last nice day to get yardwork done” and I would grumble and convince him to go hiking with me…and probably stop at Caribou for coffee. Now I’m sitting her feeling sorry for myself writing sad poetry…blah

A season of intense beauty
And death.

Your fall
One last flash of all your beautiful colors
Before darkness.

Now we clean up the remains
And prepare our hearts and homes
For winter.

Is a promise of new beauty

Without you

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