Saturday Vibes

Today felt like a productive day…which is a good thing. I get stuck in “grief paralysis” so often that I feel like I do nothing and end up just frustrated with myself. I started the day out with a haircut. On my way home I decided to text the boys and see if they wanted to go out for breakfast…I thought we could visit one of my friends from my counseling group that works at Original Pancake House. Apparently everyone had the same idea this morning as there wasn’t even any street parking available in front of that restaurant! We ended up at Perkins instead. It was still good starting out the weekend with my boys…we might make Saturday morning breakfast a tradition! Whenever we eat at home I get like 15-20 minutes of interaction out of them before they are back in their rooms. Hanging out with Mom is not a teenage boy priority…who knew? LOL

When we got home I got stuck for a bit…sat on the couch…couldn’t move to do anything. Then I decided I could clean the kitchen because it is the least “Jason” room in the house. That felt really good! I disposed of a huge bag of meds and decluttered all the countertops. Now I’m looking around on Etsy for some cute “coffee bar” wall thing or something to put up. Maybe if I start in the easier rooms and work my way up I’ll be able to tackle our bedroom in a few years.

The dogs were excited to go for a walk today. It was so nice out…I tried to get them to stop so that we could take a selfie together. Well that didn’t work much…

Levi also played tennis today. He played pretty well and won his matches. He struggled a bit in the first match but I was really proud of how he hung in there and came from behind to win! It is also great to see how he is thinking out there on the court and not just trying to hit the ball as hard as he can every time. He is using a lot more strategy in his game and coming up to the net a lot more. Jason would have loved some of his volleys and points up at the net today.

All in all it felt like a pretty good day!

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