Try to Relax

Today I really wanted to give myself a relaxing day after all the hub-bub of Friday and Saturday. It started with breakfast with my friend Vicki. We have a no-pressure standing Sunday morning breakfast date. When we are both available we go out for breakfast…if we’re not, we don’t. It is the best thing ever. When it does work out I enjoy our breakfasts immensely.

I have been writing a lot of poetry and decided that I needed to learn more about poetry and read more poetry. It is enjoyable and makes me feel like I am “doing” something…learning something…in this time right now where my inability to “do” is causing me a lot of frustration. So I took myself to Barnes and Noble this morning and went a little overboard in the poetry section…if you were going to go to the Burnsville Barnes and Noble and buy poetry books you might want to wait until they restock…

After spending the afternoon reading, I decided to turn the TV on and see if there was anything on Netflix or Hulu worth watching. Other than watching a movie or two with the kids…and tennis…I have not turned the TV on since Jason passed away. TV was more his thing than mine. I am much more likely to be reading or listening to music. Trying to find something to watch was frustrating. Everything reminded me of Jason in some way…a show or movie I had watched with him…too much romance…too sad…etc. I ended up watching a few episodes of The Wonder Years and then turning the TV off.

Tonight I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow. I took the day off work and am going on a drive to have lunch/look at leaves/get away with some of the ladies from my grief counseling group. Since we meet virtually this will be the first time I meet them in person. Today I was thinking how odd it feels to be making friends that Jason doesn’t know…and will never know…that’s hard for me to accept. We definitely had some separate friends before…but a lot of them eventually became “our” friends…and we met each other’s friends for sure. Just another thing to get used to somehow…

Here’s the poem I was working on today. The concept has been rattling around in my brain for a few weeks. Not sure it’s done yet….there might be more to this one…we’ll see.

The Merry-Go-Round

Life is like a merry-go-round
Music playing

Parents standing next to toddlers
Keeping them safe

Older children hop on in groups-
Choosing their

Couples hold hands as they
Bob together
Up and

I stand in the middle.

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