Most Days

This wasn’t going to be a poem post…but this is how my words want to come out tonight I guess.

Most days I feel like I am pretty good
At hiding true emotion.
I get through my day at work
Hide that my heart is broken.

People ask me how I am.
I lie and say I'm fine.
Hanging in there.
One day at a time.

Some days I hold it all in
Until I pull into the garage,
Then all the little reminders
Hit me in a barrage.

Today was not most days.
The mask would not stay up.
My eyes kept overflowing.
There was a huge hole in my cup.

I couldn't lie when people asked me
Are you doing okay today?
All I could do was shake my head
And say the tears won't stay away.

But then you know what happened?
I let some people in-
Affirmed that I am not alone
And now I can breathe again.

Today I feel his presence
I know he would be proud of me
For reaching out to those we love
Who are grieving alongside me.

Grief is an impossible journey
That never really ends
But together maybe we have a chance
As it twists, and turns, and bends.


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