21 Year Anniversary

3 days ago I spent our 21st Wedding Anniversary without Jason. It was a very hard day for me. I woke up in the morning brutally sad from the first opening of my eyes….tears just would not stop rolling down my cheeks. I kept trying to pull myself together, but it was a struggle. Up until this point, every time I would see elderly couples together celebrating 60+ years together I would envision Jason and I like that…old and wrinkled and still very much in love…embracing the Grandma/Grandpa life. It hit very hard and hurts very deep the brutal truth that will never be us.

Last August for our 20th Anniversary we took a little getaway and stayed at a cabin on a lake in Alexandria. The pictures from that trip have been showing up on my Facebook memories. Jason was still doing pretty well back then health-wise. He had memory issues and confusion, but for the most part he was still “my Jason”. He hadn’t suffered from seizures yet or had his second brain surgery…the two things that he really never recovered from.

I knew deep down that there was a very real possibility that Jason and I would not spend another anniversary together. It was very hard for me to live in the moment and enjoy every second with that knowledge looming over my head, but for the most part I did and we made a lot of good memories that trip…fished…walked through Downtown Alexandria…went to a winery…went out to eat at a place that had live music outside on the patio.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us…while he was sick anyway…and it is from that trip.

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