Wabasha Takeaways

I made it back home from Wabasha around 10:30 this morning. I could’ve stayed a little bit longer but my anxiety about leaving the kids home alone…human and dog…was starting to get the better of me. Seth was feeding the dogs their breakfast (!) when I got home, but he had also loaded and started the dishwasher…so there’s that.

A few takeaways from the weekend:

  1. Laptop screens do not mix well with sunny days. It’s really hard to sit in the sun and write at the same time. So frustrating!
  2. I do better with time alone if I am really alone…like cabin by a lake alone. I did okay eating breakfast in a local dinner by myself on Saturday morning, but other than that being around people was really uncomfortable. I was glad that I brought along frozen dinners so I didn’t have to venture out much other than walking down by the river.
  3. Sitting by water is extremely calming. It brings me peace in a way that little else does. My mind stills and my breathing calms listening to the waves shush against the shore. I know this…but I always forget. I need to add some water to my backyard.
  4. And lastly…but the most exciting and scary for me…I decided that I need to do something more with my writing. I revived a project that I had started a few months back that I’m pretty excited about….autobiography…mixed with poetry…mixed with pictures…mixed with songs that have spoken to me at different times in my life. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it when I’m finished…but it feels good to be working on it and like something I need to do.

After I got home I worked on hanging up some pictures around the house. I really like this frame that I filled with pictures from Jeremy and Cheryl’s wedding. I go back to that day in my head often. The Last Happy Day

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