Tuesday Blues

Do you ever get sucked in to those videos on Facebook where there’s a cute kid in a classroom or somewhere and then out of the blue their Mom or Dad who has been deployed for months walks in? The kid is completely surprised…there’s crying and excitement all around. Yeah…I’m ready for that to happen to me…any day now would be good.

Instead I had the day where someone had not heard about Jason passing…and then told me I must get a lot of comfort from knowing that he has “eternal life”. No, actually that is not at all comforting to me because it means he is dead…and not here with me where he belongs. Can I say that? No. Just smile and nod and run away as fast as possible….remind myself that intentions are good…scream inside…suck the tears in…remind myself that I like having a job where I’m around people.

Tomorrow my goal is to get some kind of work out in. My body is so unhappy with me lately. My knee and back have been hurting. I need to get moving again and take off some extra pounds that my body is not enjoying carrying around. Probably start with some walking on the treadmill and go from there. Baby steps. I’m a long ways away from 2016 marathon running shape.

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