Today I’m feeling tired and defeated. Levi tested positive for Covid on Sunday evening. He had a cold last week…negative Covid test. Was feeling fine for a few days and then started feeling sick again. Of course NYE happened in those few days he was feeling fine and we were over at Jeremy and Cheryl’s house that night.

Today I woke up with a temp and headache. Seth also has a headache. Our tests were negative, but I’m operating on the assumption that we are positive as well. Anna is feeling fine, but is on a forced quarantine from work and trying to stay away from us so that she can go back on Thursday.

I wish life would settle down with the constant “things” all the damn time. I don’t like feeling like I’m constantly reacting and can’t get my feet under me. Of course, it doesn’t help that I don’t feel well and would really like Jason here to take care of me.

Seth had his online orientation and meeting with his advisor today. He seems excited about school and that makes me really happy…and then sad at the same time when I think of him moving out in a week and a half.

I hope you all are staying healthy!

Lots of tea today..

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