Grief and Gratitude. I feel both so overwhelmingly today.


Dear God

Sometimes gratitude is difficult
When my heart is broke in two.
I don’t understand Your plan.
I’m confused and angry too.

But today as I sit at this table
Surrounded by those I love
I want to take this time to remember 
Your blessings from above.

You gave us three beautiful children.
They fill me with joy and pride.
I do my best to be their Mom
Without Jason by my side.

You gave me a wonderful family-
Both mine and Jason’s too.
We all grieve together
While he is there with You.

I have a wonderful group of friends.
When I need them they are there-
To cry to laugh to drink some wine
Or walk the dogs in the chilly air.

If this heartache has taught me anything
It’s that these are the most important things
The love of family and friends
Because you never know what the future brings.

Thanksgiving 2020

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