Today I have been immersed in going through photos…the ones from our college years are really fun. Check this one out from our Sophomore year…modeling our matching UWEC gear. Jason bought me that huge white teddy bear on my bed for our first Valentine’s Day. We were young, naive, and already so in love…we knew.

Our love didn’t stay the same…it only grew stronger through the years. Until 25ish years later we ended up here…on a dance floor…dancing to “our song” at his brother’s wedding. I only have a few snippets of video of this dance, but it’s engraved on my heart forever. I love this moment because it is so “us”. We both knew in our hearts it was our last dance, yet even though we were both in pain and crying we found something to talk about and laugh over…what it was I have no idea…and his eyes were filled with such love for me it was all I could see.

And the only thing he could see was me. He didn’t realize that we were the only ones dancing…he hated being the center of attention…until the song ended and everyone applauded.

That right there is a love that is worth everything.

2 thoughts on “Aerosmith

    1. I know that I had some moments…like this one…that knowing it was the last made it even more precious. Other moments…like Holidays or vacations…that I felt too much pressure to make them “perfect” because I knew they would be the last. Because I felt that pressure I was stressed and made them less of what they could have been.

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