Snapshots of Memories

Jason was the photographer in our family. He would often take a picture and then say…”documented”…as if it was his job to make sure that particular moment was preserved for all time. He would make fun of the pictures I would try to take. I’m not good at lighting…setting the scene…centering…not getting my fingers in the picture…all that photographering stuff.

Now I am constantly flipping through the pictures on my phone. I feel like Harry Potter gazing into the Mirror of Erised at his heart’s desire. And now through the magic of live photos on my iPhone I can see the photos come to life for a few seconds…also very Potteresque. I have one of those live photos as the lock screen on my phone right now. Feels like a million times a day I press my finger to it just to watch Jason grin as I nuzzle my (probably freezing cold) nose into his neck

And since all my thoughts ramble around in my head as verse these days…


Photos hold a power
They are more than just a face
Nay...they are a memory
Frozen in time and space

All the trips we took together
Hikes at the state park
Holidays and everydays
Selfies taken on a lark

Now I look at photos
Searching for his smile
Bringing me good memories
At least for a little while

Others look at the pictures
And remark how happy he looks
We had the greatest life
One for the history books

But all they see are the smiles
Not the memory
Those are private moments
No one can take from me.

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