Thoughts While Driving

I made it to Alexandria! The cabin is nice and warm and toasty. I brought wood to make a fire outside, but it’s chilly and dark outside….with a chance of bats. I’ll do that tomorrow.

As I was driving here I had some random memories and thoughts pop into my head that made me smile. One…there is a lot of road construction on 94!! I hate driving in road construction. My hands are white knuckled in the 10 and 2 and I am a ball of stress. Last year when Jason and I drove up here there was also road construction on 94. He was not driving by that point, so he was navigating. I think we were near St. Michael when he told me to take an exit. I didn’t know why at first but soon realized he was navigating me to a Caribou drive-thru. I was so happy after I had my coffee!! He knew what I needed to take my stress down a bit.

This afternoon I debated stopping and putting gas in my car before I left. I didn’t because I just wanted to get on the road and wanted to be driving more North than West when the sun would be in my eyes. Then I got driving and didn’t want to stop in the road construction areas on 94…so I kept driving. Finally I got out of the construction and determined that I would take the next exit. I take the exit just as my gas light goes on. My gas light coming on is like instant anxiety overload for me. Jason would laugh at me and tell me to chill and that I still have a lot of miles left. Of course the exit was one of those where the gas station is a few miles down the road in a little town. By the time I got there I had convinced myself that I was going to run out of gas and was all worried about what I was going to do. Needless to say, I didn’t run out of gas.

When I got here I went into the kitchen to open my bottle of wine…and immediately remembered that the kitchen has every other thing you could possibly need…except a wine opener. Last year I bought one when we went into town and it is on my fridge at home. I found a broken one in a drawer…basically just the screw part…and muscled the cork out of the bottle. Success!

Now I’m cozy…wine in hand…no agenda…just to be

One thought on “Thoughts While Driving

  1. I’m so sorry I haven’t called, Marie. You have been on my mind a lot and every time I make dinner I see Jason’s picture sitting on the counter and think “call Ree” just as we are about to sit down for dinner. I’m working at the preschool again and still tutoring evenings and weekends as we’ve been also adjusting to Owen being back at school as well, so I’m not sure when the best time is for us to connect. Maybe if you have some time during the evening during the second half of the week or over next weekend we can have a quick chat. Know that I love you and I am hoping that your weekend in Alexandria is all that you need it to be! Also, thanks for writing this blog. I know you’re probably mostly doing it for yourself, but I also appreciate hearing how you’re doing and gaining a deeper understanding of your feelings and needs right now.


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