It Does a Body Good

This week I have been trying to be better to my body. As if it’s not enough for stress and grief to decimate me emotionally they have also done a number on me physically…and my body isn’t happy. I’m carrying around too much extra weight…which is making my knee unhappy. I’m not sleeping well. Eating has gotten a little better now that we’re ordering Hello Fresh…at least we’re eating actual home-cooked meals and not keeping Door Dash in business…but I probably don’t need a glass of wine (or two) every night. My back is a jacked up mess and standing at work is excruciatingly painful.

No excuse for that when I work at a health club and have so many resources right at my fingertips. Last week I asked my favorite trainer to help me by putting together some workouts for me that I can do from home. Getting to work early and/or staying late to workout is just not feasible for me right now, but I have a fair amount of equipment at home. She gave me a whole plan that I started yesterday. 2 days down! Whoop! Whoop!

Today I had an appointment with the chiropractor for my jacked up back. Basically I have instability in my low back and standing all day aggravates it. My right hip is “stuck” and I’m a tight mess. Surprise. Surprise. Good news is that I’m fixable…at least my back is…the rest of me….ehhhhh

I also went for a walk today with one of my friends Katie and her dog Louie. Linc and Emmett thought they were the luckiest boys ever. Hopefully, the fresh air will help with the sleeping issues. And I’m having a glass of water instead of wine…not nearly as tasty…but I guess it will do!

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