The Best Surprise

I got the best surprise ever yesterday when I came home from work! I had picked Levi up from school and was tired, hungry, thinking about everything I still had to do before I could just go to bed…because that’s all I really wanted to do…and I turned the corner to see Anna’s car in the driveway!

I sorta screamed “Nonnie?!”…kinda weird “nickname” for Anna I know…I think Jason used it first and it just stuck. I look over at Levi and he has the biggest grin on his face…everyone was keeping it a secret from me and I had zero inkling. Completely surprised…in the very best of ways.

The funny thing is that I didn’t realize how much I missed her and really needed to see her until she was in front of me. I think I had just clumped all of my sadness and loneliness together and didn’t realize that not all of it is because I miss Jason…some of it is for her. Going from a 5 person household to a 3 person household in the span of a short few weeks was really, really hard.

We made dinner last night…took the dogs for a walk…did a puzzle. I was worried that coming home and not seeing her Dad here would be hard on her. She said that it was…it’s much easier to be distracted at school…and she does have a good friend there that she can talk to. My Mom heart is reassured that she is doing okay.

Listening to her talk about school makes me feel so good. She is loving her Biology class this semester and is talking about wanting to work with the Professor on her research…something having to do with plants….maybe explore some career options in that area. She has great friends….loves band…it’s so amazing watching her whole life open up in front of her.

One of the best things about being a parent…watching your little humans figure themselves out. Last night I laid in bed and my last thought was…I wish Jason were here to listen to hear all her plans…and then we would lay in bed together and marvel at what a good job we did with her. Our stubborn…obstinate…frustrating as all hell little girl…blossoming into a self-assured marvel of a young women. How did that even happen?

One of my favorites of Anna and Jason. She was teaching him about marching band.

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