Good-ish Weekend

My weekend didn’t completely suck! Yes, I’m exhausted. Yes, I cried. Yes, I miss Jason so bad it hurts inside…but I did manage to find some moments of genuine happiness, smiles, and laughs.

Friday night Levi and I cooked dinner together. I really don’t like cooking much. I hate trying to come up with what to make and then having all the right ingredients and then having the energy to make it. Ugh. Levi and I decided to try a meal subscription service called “Hello Fresh”. We picked 4 meals for the week and they delivered all the ingredients and the instructions for making them. We tried our first one on Friday night and it was awesome. Hopefully the rest of the meals are just as good and cooking can stop being such a dreaded chore…and we’ll eat better and save money if we’re not ordering out so much!

Saturday morning I got my hair cut. Now before you get all excited that I took the time to do something for me I have to give the full disclaimer that I had made this appointment before Jason passed away…so all I had to do was show up…but I did it…and it feels good to have my hair under control a little more again.

I also picked out and purchased myself a new laptop! My old one was about 7 years old and was super frustrating….slow…took forever to start up…and sometimes wouldn’t start up at all. I decided that since writing is giving me so much joy I really need technology that isn’t going to hold me back and frustrate me. Another disclaimer…I needed Levi to help me set it up….but hey…I picked it out myself!

The boys and I went out for dinner Saturday night with my brother and sister-in-law. Then my SIL and I went shopping for a bit…worked on a puzzle…listened to music. My BIL took the boys to go see the new Marvel movie. It was relaxing and chill.

This morning I reconnected with my friend Vicki over coffee. Her and I were tight all through the years that our kids were small and then somehow drifted apart. A 3 hour long coffee date pretty much fixed that and I’m hoping that will become a weekly situation. I decided that I need to get back into some fun routines so that I have things I enjoy to look forward to.

I met up with some friends late afternoon for drinks and appetizers. I almost cancelled on that one…it just takes a lot of self-talk to drag myself out of the house…even when it’s something that I’m excited about when I say “yes”…sometimes the time comes and I just have a hard time. I went and it was great!

I topped the weekend off with a dog walk with my friend Katie…and now I’m feeling pretty good…and hoping that I can actually get good sleep tonight so that I can tackle the week ahead. I have counseling on Wednesday and my birthday on Thursday…two events that I can already feel winding me up inside. I’m going to try to put them out of my head right now though!

Enjoy this cute picture of my boys from last night. They were dressed in matching outfits…just different colors 🙂 I’m a lucky Mom!

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